Great Awards for Your Year-End Party

  • Oct 5, 2018

As the year begins to wind down, many companies like to recognize their employees and vendors for their contributions to their business throughout the year.  Holiday parties are a great time to recognize those who have been vital to the stability and growth of your company. To that end, here are some great awards for every budget that we think you will appreciate.

1)      Starfire Art Glass Award

Hues of red, yellow and blue burst with color to illuminate the highest level of achievement.  This award is an excellent way to show employees that their creativity is appreciated.


2)      Legacy Mahogany Wood Plaque

Show your appreciation in glorious full color with this USA made Legacy Mahogany Wood Plaque. It is a wonderful piece to accentuate your message and commemorate any special occasion.


3)      Velocity Glass Crystal Award

This award is clear glass with a black beveled base. It’s a great piece for recognition, achievement, or appreciation.



4)      5” Baldwin Award

This Optical Crystal Award can be used as a desktop gift for accomplishment, achievement, or recognition.


5)      Rising Star Tower Award
This star tower award made from optical crystal has a contrasting frosted finish. Each award is handmade; the design, size and weight may vary from piece to piece. 

6)      Solid Black Finish Lasered Plate Plaque
This timeless plaque with metal laser engraved plate will truly express your accolades. Your award recognition means so much more with the rich combination of wood and metal. Perfect for sports, pageants, city business, contest, scholarship programs, and philanthropy recognition. 

7)      Art Glass Rain Drop Award
The heavy Modern Art Glass Raindrop Award will express your appreciation in a truly unique way. The raindrop design of this colored glass keepsake will draw attention whether it is placed on a shelf at home or on a desk at work.


8)      Burke Clock 
The Burke Clock is the perfect gift to honor benefactors, volunteers, and high achievers. It is a truly one-of-a-kind award.

9)      Jaffa® Jade Diamond Award
The Jaffa Jade Diamond Award is an effective combination of jade crystal and the diamond shape. You can use it to recognize top achievers. 

There you have it! Do you have any favorite awards that are not on this list? We’re curious – feel free to drop us a line at