Case Study: School Fundraiser

  • May 13, 2019

Objective: A high school was looking for ways to raise money and sell season tickets for their upcoming Football and Basketball seasons. They had some significant debt from opening a new (larger) stadium, and needed to not only fill the seats, but help pay for them. Their Booster Club knew their normal season ticket price was not going to get it done. They needed to dramatically increase prices, but wanted to add value to offset it. 

Solution: They selected three items from Southern Plus to use as gifts with purchase for five levels of participation; a Drawstring Backpack, Sweatshirt Blanket and a Stadium Chair. To setup, they allotted ample, "prime" seating sections for corporate sponsors and VIPs, and created various other sections with variable price points to suit every budget (much like the professional stadiums do). They offered the Strap Sack for the gift with purchase for first level participation, the Sweatshirt Blanket as level two, the combination of the two items for level three, the Stadium Seat for level four, and all three items for level five and corporate sponsors. They sold mores season tickets than ever before, and at three times the price! All three items were also made available for sale at all the games as a fundraiser. These were the best selling items in the schools history! The blanket doubled as a team banner at the games, and could be folded, inserted into the strap sack and used as a warm seat cushion (for those who didn't have the stadium chair.) The same model was used for the Basketball ticket sales as well. The School was particularly pleased at the way the items all worked together to solve a need for the fan/ticket holder, and ultimately the school!


(Reprinted from Southern Plus)