Case Study: Real Estate Agent

  • May 14, 2019


A real estate agent wanted a useful promotional item to boost her personal branding and promote her services while staying top of mind all year round. The 


The real estate agent used a desk calendar with 4-Color ad.


Real estate firm logo on left with agent's headshot on the right, and personal contact info including name, address, website, and phone number in the center. Logo and artwork provided by the customer.

Method of Distribution

This agent gave the calendars out to new clients during their first in person meeting, and passed them out in lieu of business cards during her open house and local association events.

Marketing Outcome

This agent benefitted from a consistent branding message all year long. By including a link to her website on the calendar, she saw increased web traffic over the previous 12 months. The agent also saw increased phone calls and leads over the prior year.


(Warwick Publishing)